PM Modi LIVE: After BRICS, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reaches Greece

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PM Modi Visits Greece to Strengthen Bilateral Relations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Greece today after attending the BRICS Summit in Brazil. This visit aims to strengthen bilateral relations between India and Greece and explore new avenues of cooperation.

Strengthening Trade and Economic Ties

During his visit, PM Modi held talks with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to discuss ways to enhance trade and economic ties between the two countries. Both leaders expressed their commitment to increasing bilateral trade and investment, and identified potential sectors for collaboration, including tourism, agriculture, and renewable energy.

Promoting Cultural Exchange

In addition to discussing economic partnerships, PM Modi emphasized the importance of promoting cultural exchange between India and Greece. The Prime Minister highlighted the historical and philosophical connections between the two nations and expressed his desire to further enhance people-to-people contacts.

Signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs)

To give concrete shape to the discussions, several Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) were signed during PM Modi’s visit. These MoUs encompassed areas such as film production, maritime cooperation, and research collaboration. The signing of these agreements demonstrates the commitment of both countries towards deepening cooperation in various sectors.

Strengthening Cooperation in Defense and Security

Another important aspect of PM Modi’s visit to Greece was discussions on defense and security cooperation. Both leaders recognized the need to strengthen defense ties and exchanged views on regional and global security challenges. The Prime Minister welcomed Greece’s support in fighting terrorism and stressed the importance of collaboration in intelligence sharing.

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Focus on Indian Diaspora

During his visit, PM Modi also engaged with the Indian diaspora in Greece. He acknowledged their significant contributions to strengthening the bond between the two nations and assured them of the government’s support. The Prime Minister encouraged the diaspora to continue playing an active role in promoting India-Greece relations.

A Promising Visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Greece successfully paved the way for stronger bilateral ties between India and Greece. The discussions held and the agreements signed during this visit are expected to boost economic and cultural exchanges. Both countries are committed to working together on various fronts, including trade, defense, and the promotion of their shared cultural heritage.

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