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New Study Suggests Parent-Child Synchrony May Not Always Enhance Attachment Development

A new study conducted by child psychologists at the University of Washington has found that parent-child synchrony isn’t always better for attachment development in children.

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Top contenders emerge in early rankings for 2024-25 college basketball season

The 2024-25 college basketball season is shaping up to be an exciting one, with the Houston Cougars and North Carolina Tar Heels leading the way in the early Top 25 And 1 rankings. These two teams are poised to make a run at the national title and are already generating a lot of buzz among fans and analysts alike.

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Stephen Amell’s hit show ‘Heels’ gets picked up by new streaming service

Fans of the hit wrestling drama series ‘Heels’ will be thrilled to learn that the show has found a new streaming home. The show, which stars Stephen Amell, has been picked up by another platform after its original network decided not to renew it for a second season.

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Prince Andrew’s Controversial Interview Triggers Film Adaptation in Hollywood

Backlash and Controversy
After Prince Andrew’s interview, which addressed his connection to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, many viewers and critics were left feeling dissatisfied and unconvinced by his responses. The Duke’s lack of remorse and empathy towards Epstein’s victims added fuel to the fire, causing a wave of negative feedback.

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MP William Wragg quits party whip over involvement in Westminster honeytrap scandal

Resignation over Westminster honeytrap
In a surprising turn of events, Wragg cited a honeytrap at Westminster as the reason for his resignation. He expressed his desire to distance himself from the scandal and focus on serving his constituents.

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Leak suggests iPhone 16 battery life is a game-changer

A new leak has surfaced, providing insider information on the highly anticipated iPhone 16. This leak has shed light on the impressive battery life that consumers can expect from Apple’s latest flagship phone.

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Experts Warn of Increased Eye Pain Cases During Solar Eclipse Viewing

According to recent Google searches, there has been a notable increase in queries related to ‘eyes hurt’. This surge in searches is occurring during the total solar eclipse, prompting experts to offer recommendations for those experiencing eye pain.