Microsoft eliminates Android app integration on Windows 11

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Starting October 24, 2023, Windows 11 will no longer support Android apps through the Microsoft Store. This change comes as Microsoft shifts its focus towards improving the overall user experience on Windows 11.

Implications for Users

Users who have been relying on Android apps on Windows 11 will need to find alternative solutions for accessing their favorite apps. This change may inconvenience some users, but Microsoft is confident that the decision will lead to a more streamlined and efficient operating system.

Transition for Developers

Developers who have been working on Android apps for Windows 11 will need to redirect their efforts towards other platforms or solutions. Microsoft has announced that they will be working closely with developers to ensure a smooth transition during this change.

Enhanced Performance

By removing official support for Android apps, Microsoft aims to improve the overall performance and stability of Windows 11. This decision aligns with their commitment to providing users with a seamless and secure experience on their devices.


While the removal of official support for Android apps may come as a shock to some users, Microsoft is confident that this change will ultimately benefit the Windows 11 platform. Users can expect to see improvements in performance and stability as a result of this strategic decision.

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