What is the Great Shakeout? The international earthquake drill designed to improve safety, that begins on Octo

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ber 15th.

What is the Great Shakeout?

The Great Shakeout is an international earthquake drill that aims to improve safety awareness and preparedness among individuals and communities. It is a collaborative effort involving millions of people worldwide who participate in practicing how to protect themselves during an earthquake. The drill begins on October 15th and lasts for one minute, emphasizing the importance of quick and decisive actions in the face of a seismic event.

Establishing Safety Measures

During the Great Shakeout, participants are encouraged to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” when they hear the simulated earthquake alarm. This simple yet effective technique involves dropping to the floor, taking cover under a sturdy piece of furniture, and holding on until the shaking stops. By practicing this safety measure, individuals become more familiar with what to do during an actual earthquake, potentially saving lives.

Raising Awareness

The main objective of the Great Shakeout is to raise awareness of earthquake risks and the importance of preparedness. By participating in the drill, individuals and communities become more educated about the potential dangers associated with seismic activity. This heightened awareness inspires people to take proactive steps in preparing their homes, workplaces, and schools for earthquakes, ultimately minimizing the impact of such events.

Encouraging Participation

The Great Shakeout encourages broad participation from all segments of society. Schools, businesses, government agencies, and individuals are all encouraged to take part in the drill. By involving as many people as possible, the organizers hope to spread the message of earthquake preparedness and ensure that a significant portion of the population is aware of the safety measures to be taken during an earthquake.

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Empowering Communities

Participating in the Great Shakeout empowers communities by fostering a sense of unity and cooperation. When individuals and groups practice the drill together, they build trust and solidarity. This can lead to stronger community bonds, as well as an increased willingness to help each other during times of crisis. The Great Shakeout aims to strengthen communities and promote resilience in the face of natural disasters.

Learning from Past Events

The Great Shakeout draws valuable lessons from past earthquakes, using them to improve safety procedures. By studying the responses and outcomes of previous seismic events, the drill can refine its guidelines and educate participants effectively. By constantly evolving and enhancing its approach based on real-life experiences, the Great Shakeout becomes an increasingly invaluable tool in earthquake preparedness.


Participating in the Great Shakeout is a proactive way to improve safety awareness and preparedness for earthquakes. By practicing the “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” technique, individuals become more equipped to protect themselves during seismic events. Through broad participation and community engagement, the Great Shakeout strives to create a culture of preparedness that can save lives and minimize damage in the event of an earthquake.

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