Watch: 3-legged bear named Tripod busts into mini fridge in Florida, downs White Claws

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Watch: 3-Legged Bear Named Tripod Busts Into Mini Fridge in Florida, Downs White Claws

A mischievous 3-legged Florida black bear named Tripod broke into a man’s backyard, raided his mini fridge, and polished off a pack of White Claws. The incident, caught on surveillance camera, has left the neighborhood in awe and amusement.

Startling Surveillance Footage

In the recently released surveillance footage, Tripod, the bear, can be seen skillfully walking on three legs, clearly traversing with ease despite his disability. He ventured into the homeowner’s backyard, where an enticing scent from the mini fridge caught his attention.

Unhindered Determination

With unhindered determination, Tripod managed to pry open the mini fridge and, to his delight, discovered a pack of White Claws hidden inside. The bear showed no hesitation as he swiftly popped open the cans, one after another, without spilling a drop.

Community’s Reaction

The homeowner, Mr. Johnson, was initially perplexed when he discovered the remnants of a bear’s late-night escapade. However, once he viewed the surveillance footage, he could not help but laugh at the audacity and resourcefulness displayed by Tripod. He shared the footage with his neighbors, who, in turn, were captivated and entertained by the bear’s antics.

Tripod: A Symbol of Resilience

Tripod’s story has quickly become an inspiring tale of resilience and perseverance. Despite his physical disability, the bear has managed to adapt and thrive in his environment. He has become a local celebrity, with residents flocking to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary creature.

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Bear Safety in the Community

While Tripod’s exploits have brought joy to many, wildlife authorities remind residents to exercise caution around bears. It is crucial to secure garbage cans, remove any potential food sources, and avoid approaching or feeding wild animals. Coexisting peacefully with Florida’s diverse wildlife can be achieved through responsible practices and mutual respect.


Tripod continues to enjoy his newfound fame, and his adventure into the mini fridge has only added to his reputation. As the community embraces him as a symbol of resilience, it serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, extraordinary feats can be accomplished.

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