UAW president Shawn Fain offers update on auto strike on Oct. 20, 2023

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UAW President Shawn Fain Offers Update on Auto Strike

In a recent press conference held on October 20, 2023, UAW President Shawn Fain provided an update on the ongoing auto strike that has affected multiple manufacturing plants across the country. Fain’s remarks shed light on the current status of negotiations and emphasized the union’s determination to fight for its members’ rights.

Positive progress made in negotiations

President Fain began by highlighting the positive progress that has been made in the negotiations between the UAW and the auto manufacturers. He stated that both parties have engaged in productive discussions over the past few days, which have led to the narrowing of important gaps in various areas of contention.

Union’s commitment to fair wages and benefits

Fain reiterated the union’s steadfast commitment to securing fair wages and benefits for its members. He emphasized that the auto workers deserve a living wage that reflects their hard work and ensures a decent standard of living. The UAW president firmly stated that the union will not settle for anything less than what its members deserve in terms of compensation and benefits.

Clear demands for job security

Another key point discussed by President Fain was the union’s clear demands for job security. He stressed the need for commitments from the auto companies to maintain current jobs and ensure the future stability of employment for UAW members. Fain expressed his concerns over the increasing use of contract workers and temporary employees, which negatively impact job security within the industry.

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Striving for work-life balance

Fain also addressed the issue of work-life balance, acknowledging that it has become a major concern for auto workers. He highlighted the importance of fair scheduling practices and ample time off for employees to spend with their families and lead fulfilling lives outside of work. The UAW president expressed the union’s dedication to addressing this issue and ensuring that its members have a healthy work-life balance.

Lengthy negotiations expected

Although progress has been made, President Fain recognized that reaching a comprehensive agreement will take time. He urged patience among the striking auto workers while emphasizing that the union is fully committed to fighting for their rights and interests. Fain assured his members that the UAW is doing everything in its power to secure a favorable outcome through negotiation and dialogue.


As negotiations continue, UAW President Shawn Fain’s update on the auto strike provides hope for a resolution that satisfies the demands of the union and its members. The progress made so far indicates a willingness from both parties to find common ground and reach a fair agreement. The UAW remains resolute in its pursuit of fair wages, job security, and a healthy work-life balance for its members. As the strike carries on, only time will tell whether these aspirations will be fully realized.

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