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Trey Lance Traded from 49ers to Cowboys: Grading the Deal from Both Sides

In a surprising turn of events, the San Francisco 49ers have decided to trade young quarterback Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys. This trade has sent shockwaves throughout the NFL community, with fans and analysts eager to assess the deal from both sides. Let’s take a closer look at the trade and evaluate how it might benefit or hinder each team.

Expansion of Dallas’ Quarterback Depth

For the Dallas Cowboys, acquiring Trey Lance provides a significant boost to their quarterback depth. With Dak Prescott recovering from a serious ankle injury last season, the Cowboys were left vulnerable at the quarterback position. By bringing in Lance, they add a talented and promising quarterback who can serve as a reliable backup to Prescott. This move ensures that the Cowboys have a capable replacement in the event of any future injuries or setbacks. Moreover, Lance’s presence can also push Prescott to perform at an even higher level, fostering healthy competition and growth within the team.

Injecting Youthful Energy into San Francisco

On the other side of the deal, the San Francisco 49ers are gaining much-needed draft capital from the Cowboys for trading Lance. This trade allows the 49ers to build for the future by accumulating valuable draft picks. The team’s decision to move on from Lance shows their confidence in their current starter, Jimmy Garoppolo. This move also showcases the 49ers’ intent to surround their team with more talented players who can contribute immediately, rather than banking on the potential of a young quarterback.

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Risk and Potential

As with any trade, there are inherent risks and potential rewards for both sides involved. For the Cowboys, the risk lies in Lance’s lack of NFL experience. Although he possesses tremendous upside, it remains to be seen how he will perform at the professional level. However, the potential reward is undeniable, as the Cowboys now have a highly regarded young quarterback in their ranks.

Similarly, the 49ers take on the risk of potentially passing up on a future franchise quarterback by trading Lance away. Nevertheless, they have received substantial compensation in return, which provides them with an opportunity to strengthen their team immediately.

Final Verdict

Grading this trade is a challenging task due to its speculative nature. However, considering the circumstances, both teams have made calculated moves that align with their respective goals. The Dallas Cowboys have addressed their need for quarterback depth, while the San Francisco 49ers have amassed valuable draft capital. Ultimately, time will reveal the true value of this trade, and fans will eagerly watch the development and success of Trey Lance in Dallas.


The NFL never ceases to surprise us with unexpected trades, and the recent move of Trey Lance from the 49ers to the Cowboys has certainly turned heads. Nonetheless, as fans and analysts, all we can do is speculate and evaluate the deal from both sides. By analyzing the potential benefits and risks for each team involved, it becomes clear that this trade has the potential to shape the future for both the Cowboys and the 49ers.

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