Steve Kerr’s Outburst: Warriors Coach Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

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The video of Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr angrily shooting the basketball during a timeout against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday has gone viral. The incident occurred after the Warriors got off to a sloppy start in the game, prompting Kerr to take drastic measures to motivate his team.

Kerr’s Frustration

Kerr’s frustration was evident as he slammed the ball down and yelled at his players during the timeout. The Warriors had committed multiple turnovers early in the game and were struggling to find their rhythm on both ends of the court.

Team Reaction

The players’ reactions to Kerr’s outburst varied, with some looking shocked and others appearing motivated by their coach’s actions. Kerr’s intensity seemed to have a positive impact on the team, as they went on to play better following the timeout.

Social Media Buzz

The video of Kerr’s outburst quickly made the rounds on social media, with many fans and analysts weighing in on the coach’s actions. Some praised Kerr for showing passion and holding his team accountable, while others criticized him for losing his cool.

Kerr’s Explanation

After the game, Kerr explained that he was frustrated with his team’s lack of focus and energy in the early stages of the game. He acknowledged that shooting the ball during the timeout was not the best way to handle the situation, but felt it was necessary to spark his team into action.

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Team Response

Despite the unorthodox method, the Warriors responded positively to Kerr’s outburst and went on to win the game against the Raptors. The incident served as a wake-up call for the team, reminding them of the high expectations set for the defending champions.


While Kerr’s actions may have been unconventional, they ultimately had the desired effect of motivating his team to perform better. The viral video serves as a reminder of the passion and intensity that Kerr brings to the coaching role, and the lengths he will go to in order to push his team to succeed.

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