Ray Dalio says to hold cash ‘temporarily’ — but don’t buy debt and bonds

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Ray Dalio advises holding cash ‘temporarily’ while avoiding debt and bonds

Renowned investor and founder of Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio, has recently suggested that investors hold cash “temporarily” in the current economic climate. However, he is advising against investing in debt and bonds. Dalio’s opinions have gained significant attention due to his successful track record and expertise in the financial markets.

Temporary cash holding amid economic uncertainty

Dalio emphasizes the importance of having cash on hand during times of uncertainty. He suggests that investors maintain liquidity to capitalize on future investment opportunities. By holding cash temporarily, investors can ensure they have the means to take advantage of market fluctuations and adjust their portfolios accordingly.

Caution against debt and bonds

In light of the current economic conditions, Dalio cautions against investing in debt and bonds. He highlights the potentially higher risk associated with these investments, as well as the limited returns they may provide. Dalio urges investors to be mindful of the potential negative repercussions of holding debt and bond investments in the current economic climate.

Dalio’s analysis of the global economic landscape

Dalio’s insights stem from his extensive analysis of the global economic landscape. As an investor with decades of experience, he has successfully predicted major market shifts in the past. His advice reflects his belief that current economic indicators point towards a period of increased uncertainty and volatility.

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Consideration of potential market opportunities

Dalio encourages investors to remain cautious yet opportunistic. While advocating for temporary cash holding, he stresses the importance of closely monitoring the markets for potential opportunities. By staying informed and ready to act, investors can position themselves to capitalize on future market trends.

Dalio’s history of successful predictions

Dalio has a history of accurately predicting major market events, such as the 2008 financial crisis. His track record has led many to trust his insights and heed his warnings. As such, his recent advice regarding cash holding and avoiding debt and bonds has caught the attention of both institutional and individual investors.


Ray Dalio’s recommendation to hold cash temporarily, alongside his caution against investing in debt and bonds, provides valuable insight into the current economic climate. By staying liquid and avoiding potentially risky investments, investors can position themselves to make informed decisions during times of uncertainty. Dalio’s expertise and successful predictions add weight to his advice, making it worth considering for those looking to navigate turbulent financial waters.

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