Prospect on 49ers radar sets new standard with blazing 10-yard split time

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The potential 49ers NFL Draft target made headlines today with a historic 10-yard split time. Widely regarded as one of the fastest wide receivers in the draft class, this player has caught the attention of scouts and fans alike.

Impressive Performance

During his pro day workout, the wide receiver blazed through the 10-yard split in just 1.47 seconds, setting a new record for his position. This stunning display of speed and agility has solidified his status as a top prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Positive Reactions

Scouts and analysts have been quick to praise the receiver’s exceptional performance, with many predicting that he could be a game-changer for any team lucky enough to draft him. His remarkable speed and quickness make him a threat to any defense, and his ability to create separation from defenders has caught the eye of many NFL teams.

Strong Draft Potential

With the draft fast approaching, many teams are looking to add playmakers to their roster, and this receiver certainly fits the bill. His impressive 10-yard split time has only added to his already impressive resume, making him a top target for teams in need of a dynamic playmaker.


As the NFL Draft draws closer, all eyes will be on this talented wide receiver as he looks to secure his future in the league. With his historic 10-yard split time and undeniable talent, he is sure to make a significant impact at the next level. Fans can’t wait to see which team will be lucky enough to land this standout player come draft day.

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