Microsoft partners with NVIDIA, bringing PC Game Pass to GeForce Now on August 24th

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Microsoft’s PC Game Pass Coming to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now

Great news for PC gamers! Microsoft’s PC Game Pass will soon be available through NVIDIA’s GeForce Now platform. This exciting development means that gamers will have access to a vast library of high-quality games on their PCs.

Expansion of Gaming Options

The agreement between Microsoft and NVIDIA marks a significant expansion of gaming options for PC players. By integrating the PC Game Pass into GeForce Now, gamers will be able to stream a wide range of top-notch games directly to their PCs, without the need for powerful hardware.

Enriched Gaming Experience

With Microsoft’s PC Game Pass on GeForce Now, players will have access to an extensive collection of titles from both popular and indie game developers. This collaboration promises to enrich the gaming experience for all PC gamers, regardless of their hardware capabilities.

Seamlessly Stream Games

Streaming games through NVIDIA’s GeForce Now platform offers seamless gameplay. Players will be able to enjoy their favorite games without any delay or lag, even on less powerful devices. This move by Microsoft further reinforces their commitment to making gaming accessible to all enthusiasts.

Access to Microsoft Exclusives

One exciting aspect of this partnership is that PC gamers will now have the opportunity to play Microsoft exclusives on non-Microsoft devices. Previously, these games were only available on Microsoft’s Xbox console or PC platform. Now, with the integration of PC Game Pass into GeForce Now, the gaming community can look forward to playing highly coveted titles on their preferred devices.

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Sustainable Gaming Solution

By utilizing cloud streaming technology, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now provides a sustainable gaming solution that reduces the need for gamers to constantly upgrade their hardware. With the addition of Microsoft’s PC Game Pass, players will have even more flexibility in choosing their gaming platform without sacrificing the quality of their gaming experience.

Launching Later this Week

The integration of Microsoft’s PC Game Pass into NVIDIA’s GeForce Now is set to launch later this week. Gamers worldwide can get ready to access a vast library of games, including Microsoft exclusives, and enjoy a seamless streaming experience on their PCs.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Microsoft and NVIDIA brings exciting possibilities for PC gamers. The inclusion of Microsoft’s PC Game Pass on GeForce Now expands gaming options, provides access to exclusives, and offers a more sustainable gaming solution. Get ready to explore a world of incredible games on your PC, as this much-anticipated integration becomes available later this week.

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