Joe Flacco set to start vs. Rams Sunday with DTR still in concussion protocol: ‘It’s definitely exciting’

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Joe Flacco set to start vs. Rams Sunday with DTR still in concussion protocol: ‘It’s definitely exciting’

The Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback situation took an unexpected turn this week when it was announced that Joe Flacco would be starting against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. This decision comes as a result of the team’s starting quarterback, Devlin “DTR” Thompson-Robinson, being in the concussion protocol.

Unexpected change

With Thompson-Robinson still recovering from his head injury, head coach John Harbaugh had to look for a temporary solution at the quarterback position. After evaluating the options available, Harbaugh decided to turn to veteran quarterback, Joe Flacco.

Flacco’s experience remains valuable

Flacco, who has already proven himself as a capable quarterback in the NFL, is excited about the opportunity to take the field once again. The veteran signal-caller did not shy away from sharing his thoughts on the matter, stating, “It’s definitely exciting to get back out there and lead this team.”

Confidence and leadership

Flacco’s experience and leadership qualities will be crucial for the Ravens as they go up against the Rams. His ability to remain calm under pressure and make smart decisions on the field will be essential if the team hopes to secure a victory.

Team support

The Ravens’ coaching staff and teammates have expressed their full support for Flacco. Tight end Mark Andrews praised Flacco’s dedication and work ethic, saying, “Joe is a true leader and someone we can all rely on. We’re confident that he will step up and guide us to success.”

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DTR’s recovery on hold

Meanwhile, Devlin Thompson-Robinson continues to focus on his recovery and has been strictly following the necessary protocols. The team remains optimistic about his return, but for now, Flacco will be the one leading the Ravens’ offense.

A temporary solution

While Flacco’s return as the starting quarterback is undoubtedly exciting for the team and fans, it is important to remember that this decision is temporary. Once Thompson-Robinson is cleared from the concussion protocol, he will regain his starting position.

Looking ahead

As Sunday’s game against the Rams approaches, the Ravens are determined to make the most of this challenging situation. With Joe Flacco ready to step up to the plate, the team remains focused and determined to secure a much-needed win.

*Note: This article is a work of fiction and does not reflect actual events. It was created for language modeling purposes only.*

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