I went back-to-school shopping with my nonbinary child

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Heading: Preparing for Back-to-School Shopping with a Nonbinary Child

As the new school year starts inching closer, parents are gearing up for the annual back-to-school shopping frenzy. However, shopping for school supplies can be an overwhelming experience not just for parents, but also for their children. This year, some parents may find themselves navigating the back-to-school shopping trip with their nonbinary child. This article aims to provide a guide on how to navigate back-to-school shopping while supporting and empowering your nonbinary child.

Heading: Understanding Nonbinary Identity

Before embarking on the back-to-school shopping journey, it is important to understand what it means to identify as nonbinary. Nonbinary individuals do not exclusively identify as male or female and may experience their gender identity as being fluid, outside of the traditional binary concepts. Supportive and inclusive parenting is crucial in ensuring a positive experience for nonbinary children in all aspects of their lives.

Heading: Communicating with your Child

Open and honest communication is key when discussing back-to-school shopping with your nonbinary child. Initiate a conversation where you can ask them about their preferences regarding clothing, accessories, and school supplies. Transition words such as “moreover,” “additionally,” or “furthermore” can help facilitate a smooth dialogue. By understanding their preferences, you will be able to support their identity and help them feel comfortable and confident as they begin the new school year.

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Heading: Choosing Gender-Neutral Options

When heading to the stores, opting for gender-neutral products can be a great way to ensure inclusivity and support for your nonbinary child. Look for backpacks, stationary, and clothes that are free from gender stereotypes and offer diverse options. Brands that offer gender-neutral clothing lines or stores that promote inclusivity can be good starting points. Moreover, encouraging your child to express themselves through their own unique style will boost their self-esteem and promote self-expression.

Heading: Educating Store Staff

While shopping for school supplies, it is not uncommon to encounter store staff who may not be aware or understand nonbinary identities. Take this opportunity to educate them courteously by explaining that your nonbinary child may prefer gender-neutral items. Transition words such as “however,” “although,” or “despite this” can be useful when introducing the topic. By raising awareness about nonbinary identities, you are not only advocating for your child but also helping to create a more inclusive environment for others.


Back-to-school shopping can be a fun and exciting time for both parents and children. When shopping with a nonbinary child, it is crucial to create an inclusive environment that supports and empowers their identity. By enhancing communication, selecting gender-neutral options, and educating store staff, parents can make a positive impact on their nonbinary child’s back-to-school experience. Remember, supporting your child’s identity is an ongoing journey that requires understanding, empathy, and love.

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