HUT ke-78 RI: Namsan Tower in Seoul, South Korea Shines Bright in Red-White Colors

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Menara di Balai Kota Seoul dan Menara Namsan Korea Selatan Terangi HUT ke-78 RI

As the Indonesian people gathered to celebrate the 78th anniversary of their nation’s independence, iconic landmarks across the world lit up in red and white, paying tribute to Indonesia’s rich history. In a captivating display of unity and friendship, the Mayor’s Office Tower in Seoul and the Namsan Tower in South Korea joined in this celebration, adorning themselves with a shimmering display of red and white lights.

A Dazzling Display of Friendship

The illumination of the Mayor’s Office Tower and the Namsan Tower with red and white lights serves as an exciting symbol of the bond between Indonesia, South Korea, and the city of Seoul. This gesture highlights the deep-rooted friendship and mutual respect shared between the two nations.

Glowing With Pride

At a time when the world is still battling the challenges posed by the global pandemic, this show of solidarity from Seoul and South Korea is truly heartwarming. The active participation of the Mayor’s Office Tower and the Namsan Tower in the celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day attests to the strong ties that exist between these countries.

Symbol of Unity and Progress

The vibrant display of red and white lights not only symbolizes the Indonesian flag but also showcases the shared values of unity and progress. It sends a powerful message of resilience and determination to overcome any obstacles that lie ahead. The active voice of the Mayor’s Office Tower and the Namsan Tower in this celebration reflects their commitment to fostering greater cooperation and understanding between nations.

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Strengthening Diplomatic Ties

Such acts of friendship go beyond mere symbolism. They contribute towards establishing stronger diplomatic ties and fostering cultural exchanges between nations. The illumination of these iconic landmarks on Indonesia’s Independence Day serves as a reminder that collaboration and unity can transcend geographical boundaries.

A Message of Hope

As the lights twinkle in the night sky, they send a message of hope and optimism for a brighter future. This spectacular display reminds us that even in times of uncertainty, the bonds between nations remain unbreakable.


The illumination of the Mayor’s Office Tower in Seoul and the Namsan Tower in South Korea with red and white lights in celebration of Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day is a testament to the shared values and enduring friendship between these nations. As we celebrate another year of Indonesia’s independence, let this display of solidarity remind us of our collective strength and the potential for a better world through unity and cooperation.

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