Home Depot claims ‘Fast and Furious’ star Tyrese Gibson is lying in $1M lawsuit

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Home Depot Claims ‘Fast and Furious’ Star Tyrese Gibson is Lying in $1M Lawsuit

Home improvement retail giant Home Depot has come out vehemently denying the claims made by “Fast and Furious” star Tyrese Gibson in his recent $1 million lawsuit. The company asserts that Gibson’s statements are false and misrepresentative of the facts surrounding the alleged incident.

Home Depot Disputes Tyrese Gibson’s Lawsuit

In a strongly worded statement released today, Home Depot firmly rejects Gibson’s accusations and states that the actor’s claims are without merit. The company insists that it acted responsibly and professionally throughout the entire situation in question.

According to Home Depot, the incident, which allegedly occurred at one of their stores, does not align with Gibson’s account. The company maintains that all employees followed proper protocol and provided exemplary customer service.

Home Depot Highlights Inconsistencies in Gibson’s Claims

Home Depot points out several inconsistencies in Gibson’s version of events, raising doubts about the validity and accuracy of his allegations. The retail chain says it has reviewed internal security footage that contradicts Gibson’s claims and will present this evidence as part of its legal defense.

Home Depot Stands by its Employees

Home Depot stresses that it fully supports and stands by its employees mentioned in Gibson’s lawsuit. The company reiterates its commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for both customers and staff. Home Depot has vowed to defend its employees against what it perceives as false accusations.

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Home Depot Seeks Dismissal of the Lawsuit

In addition to categorically denying the allegations, Home Depot reveals its intention to file a motion to dismiss Gibson’s lawsuit. The company asserts that the lack of factual basis and credibility in the claims makes the lawsuit baseless.


Home Depot remains steadfast in its stance that Tyrese Gibson’s claims are false and that the company acted responsibly. As the legal battle continues, Home Depot seeks to defend its brand reputation and the integrity of its employees against what it claims to be a fabricated lawsuit.

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