Deeper League PPR Sleepers at RB, WR, TE – Fantasy Football Draft Targets Include Tyjae Spears, Isaiah Hodgins, Tyler Conklin, more

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Deeper League PPR Sleepers at RB, WR, TE – Fantasy Football Draft Targets Include Tyjae Spears, Isaiah Hodgins, Tyler Conklin, more

Fantasy football enthusiasts are always on the lookout for potential sleepers, especially in deeper leagues where the player pool is vast. To provide some guidance, we have compiled a list of promising options at the running back (RB), wide receiver (WR), and tight end (TE) positions, perfect for those participating in deeper league PPR (points per reception) formats. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some intriguing draft targets that could make a significant impact on your fantasy team.

RB: Tyjae Spears – A Hidden Gem Waiting to Shine

Meet Tyjae Spears, a diamond in the rough. The young running back has been turning heads during training camp and is expected to have an active role in his team’s offense. With his explosive speed and elusive moves, Spears has the potential to excel in a PPR league, as he possesses natural pass-catching abilities. While he may be under the radar for many fantasy managers, do not overlook this hidden gem who could provide exceptional value in the later rounds.

WR: Isaiah Hodgins – The Sleeper Wideout Who Could Emerge

Isaiah Hodgins, a talented wide receiver, deserves your attention if you’re searching for a breakout candidate. With his tall frame and solid hands, Hodgins has impressed coaches and teammates alike throughout the offseason. His ability to create separation and win contested catches makes him a promising option in PPR leagues. With increased opportunities and improved chemistry with his quarterback, Hodgins could blossom into a fantasy asset that rewards astute fantasy managers.

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TE: Tyler Conklin – A Tight End Poised for a Breakthrough Season

Tyler Conklin is a tight end ready to take the next step in his career. With his athleticism and reliable hands, Conklin has been shining in training camp, gaining praise from his team’s coaching staff. In PPR leagues, he could become a dangerous weapon for his quarterback, as he is skilled at finding soft spots in coverage and making tough catches across the middle. Don’t sleep on Conklin in the later rounds of your draft, as he might just become the tight end steal of the season.

As fantasy football drafts approach, it’s vital to consider these deep sleepers who could provide a significant boost to your team. Tyjae Spears, with his pass-catching abilities, Isaiah Hodgins, with his potential breakout potential, and Tyler Conklin, set for a breakthrough performance, are all worth targeting in deeper league PPR formats. By keeping an eye on these hidden gems, you might just find the next big contributors to your fantasy squad.

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