Christie says he’ll follow Trump ‘around the country’ if former president doesn’t debate

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Christie says he’ll follow Trump ‘around the country’ if former president doesn’t debate

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vowed to follow former President Donald Trump “around the country” if he refuses to participate in any future political debates. Christie made his commitment during a recent interview with a major news outlet.

Christie’s stand

Christie, a prominent Republican and long-time supporter of Trump, expressed his disappointment over the former president’s reluctance to engage in further debates. In an assertive tone, he stated, “If Donald Trump decides to hide from the political arena and dodge debates, I will personally make it my mission to follow him around the country, urging him to step up and engage with the American people.”

Advocating for a democratic process

The former governor stressed the importance of debates as a vital component of a democratic process. He passionately argued that debates provide an opportunity for leaders to openly discuss their ideas, defend their policies, and address the concerns of the American public.

A call for accountability

Christie, known for his bold approach, wants Trump to be accountable for his actions and decisions. By publicly pledging to trail the former president, he hopes to hold Trump responsible for his words and policies, ensuring that he remains engaged with the American people.

Christie’s unwavering support

Despite his strong stance on the need for debates, Christie didn’t hesitate to express his continued loyalty to Trump. He emphasized that his commitment to follow the former president was not driven by animosity but rather by the belief that all political leaders, including Trump, should actively participate in the democratic process.

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Reaction from Trump camp

There has been no official response from Trump or his team regarding Christie’s statement. However, political analysts speculate that the former president, known for his eagerness to engage with his supporters, may reconsider his position in light of Christie’s assertive challenge.


Christie’s declaration to trail Trump around the country if he refuses to engage in future debates adds another layer of dynamics to the political landscape. As the debate on the importance of political discourse continues, it remains to be seen whether Trump will accept the challenge put forth by his long-time ally. The American public eagerly anticipates witnessing how this situation unfolds and whether Christie will indeed fulfill his pledge to follow Trump wherever he goes.

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