Chiefs’ Chris Jones hopes for new deal, says he could play opener

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Chiefs’ Chris Jones hopes for new deal

Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive tackle Chris Jones expressed his desire for a new deal ahead of the upcoming season. The star player is hopeful that the team will grant him a contract extension that reflects his contributions to the team’s success.

Negotiations ongoing

Jones’ agent has been in ongoing discussions with the Chiefs’ management in order to secure a lucrative deal for the talented defensive tackle. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the NFL due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both parties are actively engaged in negotiations to find a suitable agreement.

Key contributions and impressive statistics

Over the past four seasons, Jones has proven to be a vital asset for the Chiefs’ defense. His ability to disrupt opposing offenses has been instrumental in the team’s success, helping them secure the Super Bowl victory earlier this year. With an impressive record of 33 sacks and 72 quarterback hits, his value is undeniable.

Importance of a fair and timely agreement

Jones, entering the final year of his rookie contract, recognizes the importance of reaching a fair and timely agreement. He emphasized that his focus remains on performing at the highest level and helping the Chiefs defend their Super Bowl title. However, he believes that a new contract would provide stability and motivation for both himself and the team.

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Potential impact on season opener

While Jones hopes to have a new deal in place before the season opener, he remains committed to his team regardless of the outcome of the negotiations. He expressed his determination to play in the opener, showcasing his unwavering dedication to the Chiefs and their pursuit of another successful season.

Fans’ opinions

Chiefs’ fans have been vocal on social media, expressing their support for Jones and their desire to see him rewarded for his exceptional performance on the field. Many believe that he deserves a significant pay raise and consider him an integral part of the Chiefs’ defense.

Team’s perspective

From the Chiefs’ perspective, securing Jones’ services for the long haul would be a top priority. His impact goes beyond the stat sheet, as his presence on the field forces offenses to account for his disruptive abilities, thereby benefiting the entire defense.


As negotiations continue between Chris Jones’ representatives and the Kansas City Chiefs, the hope for a favorable outcome remains high. Chiefs fans eagerly await news of a contract extension for Jones, while the defensive tackle diligently prepares for the upcoming season, ready to make a significant impact once again.

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