BWL, Consumers, DTE give estimates on restoring electric service

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BWL, Consumers, DTE Give Estimates on Restoring Electric Service

The recent severe thunderstorms in the region have caused widespread power outages, leaving thousands of residents without electricity. In response, the Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL), Consumers Energy, and DTE have been working tirelessly to restore electric service to affected areas promptly.

BWL’s Efforts to Restore Power

BWL officials have announced their commitment to resolving the power outage issues as quickly as possible. According to their estimates, they anticipate restoring electricity to approximately 90% of the affected households within the next 24 hours. This is a significant undertaking considering the extensive damage caused by the storm.

Consumers Energy’s Restoration Timeline

Consumers Energy, another major utility company in the region, has also been working diligently to restore power. They have outlined a comprehensive restoration timeline for affected customers. According to their estimates, approximately 80% of the impacted households should have their power restored within the next 48 hours. Consumers Energy emphasizes their dedication to delivering reliable service to their customers despite the challenges posed by the storm.

DTE’s Restoration Initiatives

DTE, a key player in the restoration efforts, has also provided estimates on when customers can expect their power to be restored. The company aims to have 70% of the affected households back online within the next 36 hours. DTE’s technicians and crews are working round the clock to assess and repair the damage caused by the storm. Their commitment to customer satisfaction remains paramount during these challenging times.

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Cooperation and Collaboration Between Utility Companies

BWL, Consumers Energy, and DTE have been in constant communication throughout the restoration process. They are collaborating, sharing resources, and coordinating efforts to ensure the prompt restoration of electric service in the region. This collaborative approach allows them to effectively address the widespread power outages and minimize the inconvenience faced by residents.

Stay Informed and Patient

Residents are urged to stay informed about the progress and updates provided by the utility companies through official channels. While the restoration efforts are underway, it is important to remain patient as the companies work tirelessly to resolve the power outage issues caused by the severe storms. The utility companies are fully committed to restoring electric service as quickly and safely as possible, considering the safety of their crews and the magnitude of the task at hand.


The Lansing Board of Water and Light, Consumers Energy, and DTE are working diligently to restore power to the thousands of residents affected by the recent severe thunderstorms. Their estimates provide a clear timeline for when customers can expect their electricity to be restored. The cooperative efforts between these utility companies ensure the most efficient restoration process possible. Residents are advised to stay informed and patient as the restoration efforts continue.

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