Bryce Harper Sounds Off on Umpire Angel Hernandez After Controversial Call, Ejection

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Bryce Harper Sounds Off on Umpire Angel Hernandez After Controversial Call, Ejection

Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper was left fuming after a controversial call by umpire Angel Hernandez led to his ejection from a recent game against the New York Mets. In a post-game interview, Harper did not hold back, expressing his frustration and disapproval with the umpire’s decision.

Harper’s Outburst

Harper, known for his fiery personality, made it clear that he was dissatisfied with Hernandez’s performance throughout the game. He was particularly upset by a called strike that ultimately resulted in his ejection. Harper argued that the pitch was clearly outside the strike zone and vehemently disagreed with Hernandez’s judgment.

Questionable Reputation

This is not the first time Angel Hernandez has come under fire for his umpiring decisions. The veteran umpire has often been criticized by players, coaches, and fans throughout his career. Many have raised concerns about his consistency, attention to detail, and overall competence.

Harper’s Criticism

During the interview, Harper openly criticized Hernandez’s abilities and questioned his right to be an umpire at the Major League Baseball (MLB) level. He suggested that MLB should reevaluate the way umpires are evaluated and held accountable for their performances. Harper firmly believes that such controversial calls can significantly impact the outcomes of games and potentially influence playoff races.

A Call for Change

Harper’s remarks have reignited the debate surrounding the vetting and performance evaluation of MLB umpires. While some argue in favor of embracing human error as an integral part of the game, others advocate for technological advancements, such as automated strike zones.

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Player Support

Harper’s comments have also gained support from fellow players, with many acknowledging the frustrations they have experienced with Hernandez’s calls in the past. Several players have echoed Harper’s sentiments, urging MLB to take a closer look at umpire performance and consider implementing changes to ensure a fair and consistent playing field.

Umpire Response

As expected, Angel Hernandez defended his call and refuted Harper’s allegations. In a brief statement, Hernandez emphasized the need for mutual respect between players and officials, expressing his disappointment in Harper’s public criticism.

MLB’s Stance

Major League Baseball has yet to release an official statement regarding Harper’s criticisms or Hernandez’s response. However, they have previously stated that they regularly evaluate and assess umpire performance and provide ongoing feedback and training to ensure fair officiating.


Bryce Harper’s outburst against umpire Angel Hernandez sheds light on the ongoing debates surrounding MLB umpires’ performance and the need for potential changes. Whether this incident leads to any concrete actions or reforms remains to be seen, but Harper’s vocal criticism has undoubtedly sparked conversations that aim to improve the integrity and accuracy of the game.

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