Biden’s Crypto Tax Proposal Is Attempt to ‘Kill’ Adoption in US, Says Financial Services Chair

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Biden’s Crypto Tax Proposal Is Attempt to ‘Kill’ Adoption in US, Says Financial Services Chair

The recent proposal by Biden’s administration to increase taxes on cryptocurrency transactions has been met with criticism from the financial services industry. The chair of the Financial Services Committee, Maxine Waters, has called the move an attempt to “kill” the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the United States.

Concerns over the Impact on Adoption

One of the main concerns raised by Waters is that the proposed tax increase would stifle innovation and hinder the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies. She argues that higher taxes would discourage individuals and businesses from engaging in cryptocurrency transactions due to the increased financial burden.

A Blow to the Crypto Industry

The crypto industry has been gaining significant traction in recent years, with more people and companies embracing digital currencies. However, the proposed tax increase could potentially dampen this momentum. The fear is that higher taxes would discourage investment in cryptocurrencies and drive individuals and businesses to seek friendlier jurisdictions.

Maintaining Global Competitiveness

Critics of the tax proposal argue that the United States should aim to maintain its global competitiveness in the rapidly evolving crypto market. They fear that if the U.S. becomes less attractive for cryptocurrency investment, other countries with more crypto-friendly regulations will benefit from the capital flight.

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Calls for a Balanced Approach

While acknowledging the need for proper taxation and regulation, critics urge the Biden administration to take a more balanced approach to cryptocurrencies. They suggest that instead of imposing excessively high taxes, the government should focus on implementing effective measures to combat illicit activities within the crypto space.

Addressing Security Concerns

Another aspect emphasized by critics is the importance of addressing security concerns surrounding cryptocurrencies. They argue that the government should prioritize efforts to enhance cybersecurity, protect investors, and prevent fraudulent activities, rather than imposing burdensome taxes that could hinder innovation.

Seeking Dialogue and Collaboration

Despite the strong opposition, some industry experts believe that a constructive dialogue between the government and the crypto industry is necessary. They emphasize the importance of collaboration to strike a balance between taxation, regulation, and the promotion of innovation in the crypto market.


The proposed tax increase on cryptocurrency transactions has sparked a heated debate within the financial services industry. While concerns about stifling adoption and decreasing global competitiveness are legitimate, it is essential for all stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions to find a middle ground that supports both innovation and responsible regulation in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

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