Biden inches toward decision on long-range missiles as Ukraine ups pressure

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Biden Inches Toward Decision on Long-Range Missiles as Ukraine Ups Pressure

President Joe Biden is currently considering a crucial decision regarding the deployment of long-range missiles, as Ukraine increases pressure on the United States to provide additional military support. The potential move comes in response to escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia, intensifying concerns over the security of Eastern Europe.

Heightened Tensions between Ukraine and Russia

In recent months, Ukraine has witnessed an alarming rise in Russian aggression, particularly along its eastern border. Russian military forces have mobilized near Ukraine’s borders, sparking fears of a potential invasion. This volatile situation has prompted Ukraine to seek support from its international allies, particularly the United States.

Ukraine’s Plea for Defensive Weapons

Amidst the rising tensions, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has pleaded with President Biden for an increased provision of defensive weapons, including long-range missiles. Zelensky argues that such aid would bolster Ukraine’s ability to protect itself against potential Russian aggression. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of standing strong in the face of an increasingly assertive Russia.

Biden’s Deliberations

President Biden is carefully weighing the potential benefits and risks of supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles. The decision carries significant implications for regional stability and international relations. While Biden remains committed to supporting Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression, he must carefully manage the delicate balance of power in the region.

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Balancing Act between Deterrence and Escalation

Many experts believe that providing Ukraine with long-range missiles could serve as a deterrent against Russian aggression, potentially dissuading further escalations. However, critics assert that such a move could escalate tensions and provoke further hostilities between Ukraine and Russia. Biden faces the challenge of determining the best course of action to achieve both deterrence and de-escalation.

Diplomatic Considerations

In addition to military implications, President Biden must also consider the broader diplomatic consequences of his decision. The United States is engaged in strategic dialogues with Russia on various global issues, such as nuclear arms control. Providing Ukraine with advanced long-range missiles could strain these discussions and further complicate an already delicate relationship.

The International Community’s Watchful Eye

The international community is closely monitoring the situation, with many countries expressing their opinions on possible U.S. actions. Some countries, particularly those in Eastern Europe, are supportive of Biden delivering increased military aid to Ukraine. However, others caution against inflaming the situation and urge a diplomatic resolution to the conflict.


As President Biden grapples with the decision on long-range missiles, the situation remains highly complex and delicate. Balancing the need to support Ukraine against potential Russian aggression, while also considering the wider implications on regional stability and international relations, requires careful consideration. The eyes of the world are upon President Biden, eagerly awaiting his decision on this critical matter.

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