Biden Appoints US Vice President Kamala Harris to Attend ASEAN Summit in Jakarta

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President Joe Biden Appoints Vice President Kamala Harris to Attend ASEAN Summit in Jakarta

The long-awaited moment has arrived as President Joe Biden has officially appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to represent the United States at the upcoming ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, scheduled to take place in early September. This move signifies the importance President Biden places on the relationship between the United States and Southeast Asian nations.

Strengthening Ties with ASEAN Nations

The decision to send Vice President Harris to the ASEAN Summit underscores the United States’ commitment to bolstering its relationships with the ten member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). By actively engaging with ASEAN, the United States aims to foster cooperation and advance shared priorities in areas such as security, economic growth, and regional stability.

Support for Democracy and Human Rights

In aligning with the principles that ASEAN upholds, the Biden administration is keen on addressing pressing issues related to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in the region. The presence of Vice President Harris at the summit highlights the United States’ dedication to these fundamental values, emphasizing the importance it places on the promotion and protection of human rights and democratic principles throughout Southeast Asia.

Collective Efforts on Climate Change and COVID-19

Climate change and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are two global challenges that require united efforts from all nations. President Biden understands the significance of collaboration and intends for the United States to work closely with ASEAN countries to combat these issues effectively. Vice President Harris will use this platform to engage with ASEAN leaders and discuss strategies for addressing climate change, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting global health security amid the pandemic.

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Economic Cooperation and Trade Opportunities

Recognizing the immense economic potential that ASEAN holds, President Biden sees this summit as an opportunity to explore avenues for enhanced economic cooperation and trade. By deepening ties with ASEAN nations, the United States aims to create new avenues for investment, expand market access, and promote a fair and rules-based trade environment. Vice President Harris will actively engage in discussions to facilitate economic growth and foster mutually beneficial partnerships between the United States and ASEAN member countries.


President Joe Biden’s decision to appoint Vice President Kamala Harris to attend the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta sends a clear message: the United States values its relationships with Southeast Asian nations and is committed to working closely with ASEAN on a range of crucial issues. Through this summit, the Biden administration aims to strengthen ties, address shared challenges, and promote cooperation in areas such as democracy, human rights, climate change, and economic growth. The world will closely watch as Vice President Harris represents the United States at this significant gathering of ASEAN leaders.

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