Best Buy recalls 930,000 Insignia pressure cookers due to burn hazard

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Best Buy Recalls 930,000 Insignia Pressure Cookers Due to Burn Hazard

Best Buy has issued a recall for approximately 930,000 Insignia pressure cookers due to a potential burn hazard. The company took this action after receiving multiple reports of the cookers malfunctioning, resulting in instances where users experienced burns.

Multiple Reports of Malfunctioning Cookers

According to reports, several customers who purchased the Insignia pressure cookers from Best Buy complained about the cookers failing to properly release steam. This, in turn, led to sudden pressure buildup and a subsequent release of hot contents, causing burns to the users.

A Voluntary Recall Ensures Consumer Safety

As a precautionary measure, Best Buy opted to voluntarily recall all affected Insignia pressure cookers in order to protect consumer safety. The recall includes models NS-PC6SS7, NS-PC8SS7, and NS-PC10SS7, which were sold both online and at Best Buy stores across the United States.

Steps to Identify the Affected Cookers

Customers who own the Insignia pressure cookers are advised to take note of the model number printed on the bottom of the device. The recalled models can be identified by the model number on the bottom of the cookers, which may end in “SS7” and by matching the corresponding catalog number: 1268737, 1268743, and 1268744, respectively.

Refund or Store Credit Options

Best Buy has reassured its customers that they will have multiple options for compensation due to the inconvenience caused by the recall. Affected customers can choose either a full refund of the purchase price or receive a store credit that can be used for future purchases at Best Buy.

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Prioritizing Customer Safety

Best Buy recognizes the importance of consumer safety and is taking immediate action to rectify the situation. The company urges customers to discontinue the use of the affected pressure cookers and return them to any Best Buy store or contact Best Buy’s customer service for further assistance.

Contact Information

For more information on the recall process and to request assistance, customers can reach Best Buy’s customer service at 1-800-BEST-BUY or visit Best Buy’s official website. It is recommended that customers with the recalled pressure cookers take prompt action to ensure their safety and well-being.

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