Advocates of California bill to ban caste discrimination find veto heartbreaking

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Advocates of California bill to ban caste discrimination find veto heartbreaking

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to veto Assembly Bill 2772, a proposal that aimed to ban caste discrimination in the state, has disappointed and saddened advocates who have been working tirelessly to end this form of discrimination.

Uphill Battle

For years, proponents of the bill have advocated for the inclusion of caste as a protected category under discrimination laws. The struggle to gain recognition and protection for individuals subjected to caste discrimination has been an uphill battle, with opposition claiming that such legislation is unnecessary or would infringe on certain rights.

Disheartening Veto

The recent veto of Assembly Bill 2772 by Governor Newsom feels like a setback in the fight against discrimination based on caste. Advocates argue that by vetoing the bill, the Governor missed an opportunity to address a significant issue faced by a large number of Californians from South Asian communities.

Ignoring the Plight of Victims

One of the main concerns expressed by advocates is that the veto sends a message that the state is indifferent to the struggles faced by victims of caste discrimination. By not taking a firm stance against this form of discrimination, it may inadvertently perpetuate and normalize these harmful practices in California.

Failure to Move Forward

The veto comes at a time when other states, such as New York and New Jersey, have taken steps to address caste discrimination by explicitly banning it through legislation. California, known for its progressive stance on social issues, seems to have missed an opportunity to be a leader in combating this particular form of discrimination.

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Implications for Communities

Caste discrimination affects individuals from various South Asian communities, particularly Dalits, who face systemic discrimination in education, employment, and social interactions. By failing to pass this bill, California misses a chance to protect the rights and dignity of marginalized communities and promote equality and inclusivity within its borders.

Moving Forward

Despite the veto, advocates remain determined to continue their fight against caste discrimination. They believe that education and awareness are crucial in dismantling centuries-old prejudices and biases. Efforts will continue to address this issue on various fronts, including community outreach, education initiatives, and encouraging dialogue on caste discrimination.

The Need for Change

The disappointment and sadness among advocates of Assembly Bill 2772’s veto should serve as a reminder that there is still work to be done to eradicate caste discrimination. It is imperative to keep raising awareness, challenging societal norms, and pushing for legislative changes that protect individuals from being discriminated against because of their caste.


While the veto of Assembly Bill 2772 is disheartening to advocates, it does not dampen their resolve to fight against caste discrimination. The bill’s rejection should spur renewed efforts to bring attention, understanding, and change to this pressing issue. It is crucial that California and other states take steps to ensure equality and justice prevail, free from any form of discrimination, including caste-based discrimination.

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