ABC’s GMA program is set to move from Times Square to Hudson Yards in 2025 – and staff is not happy

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ABC’s GMA program to Relocate from Times Square to Hudson Yards in 2025

In a surprising move, ABC’s popular Good Morning America (GMA) program, known for its iconic Times Square location, will be relocating to Hudson Yards in 2025. This decision has not been well-received by the program’s staff, who are expressing their disappointment and concern.

Discontent among GMA staff

The news of the impending move has left the GMA staff feeling unsettled. Transitioning from the bustling atmosphere of Times Square to the relatively new and uncharted territory of Hudson Yards has raised concerns among the team. Many fear losing the unique energy and vibrancy that Times Square has brought to the show for years.

Financial and logistical reasons for the move

ABC executives cite financial and logistical reasons for the decision to relocate GMA from Times Square to Hudson Yards. The rising costs of maintaining a presence in Times Square, coupled with limited production space, have become increasingly challenging for the network. The move to Hudson Yards, with its state-of-the-art facilities and ample room for expansion, seems to offer a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

The promise of a fresh start

Despite the initial dissatisfaction among the GMA staff, ABC executives have expressed optimism about the move. They view the relocation to Hudson Yards as an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to reinvigorate the show’s format and appeal. They envision a revamped set design and innovative production techniques that will enhance GMA’s viewer experience.

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Concerns about accessibility and audience engagement

One of the main concerns raised by the GMA staff is the accessibility of Hudson Yards compared to the prime location of Times Square. Times Square has been synonymous with GMA’s brand, attracting large crowds of enthusiastic onlookers, while Hudson Yards may not have the same draw. The staff worries about the potential impact on audience engagement and the overall atmosphere of the show.

Adapting to change

Despite the discontent and challenges ahead, the GMA staff acknowledges that change is inevitable. They understand the need to adapt to new surroundings and embrace the opportunities that the move to Hudson Yards may offer. The staff will undoubtedly work tirelessly to maintain the show’s popularity and loyal viewer base, no matter where they are located.

Looking towards the future

As the GMA program prepares to bid farewell to its iconic Times Square location, the future remains uncertain. The move to Hudson Yards may bring about a new era for the show, with fresh possibilities, even though the staff may currently be unhappy with the decision. ABC’s GMA program will continue to deliver the latest news and entertaining segments, regardless of the address, as it forges ahead into a new chapter in 2025.

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