6 of the Strangest Conspiracy Theories in the World, Number 2 Will Frustrate You

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Distribution of Conspiracy Theories in the World

Conspiracy theories have always captured the attention of truth-seekers around the world. They often become the subject of debate between believers and non-believers, leaving us curious about what really happened. These theories emerge when there is a shocking event, followed by contrasting opinions. One example is the Bermuda Triangle mystery, where a theory suggests the existence of a vortex that can suck in ships, planes, or any object passing through the area. However, researchers attribute these incidents to human error. Let’s now discuss some of the strangest conspiracy theories in the world.

1. The Earth is Shaped Like a Donut

Besides the theory that the Earth is flat, some believe that it does not have the usual round shape. In 2012, a new idea surfaced stating that the Earth is shaped like a donut. This theory originated from a flat-Earth believer named Varuag. According to him, the Earth is donut-shaped with a hole in the center that cannot be seen by anyone. He argues that light from the atmosphere behaves like radio waves, allowing it to move up and down. Another bizarre theory that emerged in 2012 is the prediction of doomsday on December 21st. It was even depicted in the movie “2012,” which portrayed the destruction of the Earth. This opinion was derived from the Mayan calendar, which predicted its end during that time. However, it turned out to be unfounded as the Earth still exists today.

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2. The Moon Landing Conspiracy

In 1969, NASA sent astronauts to the moon. However, a year later, a theory emerged claiming that the moon landing never happened. This became one of the strangest conspiracy theories in the world. Some evidence supported this opinion, such as the publication of the book “We Never Went to The Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle” in 1976, as well as several films released in 1978 and 2001.

3. Google Earth Reveals a Building in Antarctica

Google Earth revolutionized the way we learn about the world through online globes. In the past, we had to physically rotate the globe to see country maps, but now we can access them through an application. According to a video uploaded by MrMBB333 on YouTube, a building in Antarctica is visible on Google Earth. This is peculiar because Antarctica is known to be covered in snow and extremely cold, making it unlikely for anyone to build there.

4. Alien Sightings and UFOs

Alien sightings and their associated UFOs have always captured the attention of the public. This has led to various theories claiming their existence, including specialized research conducted in the United States. June 2nd is celebrated as Alien Day, fueling arguments about their presence. There have been several sightings in different countries, such as Mount Rainier in Washington on June 24th, 1947, Lubbock, Texas in 1951, and Tehran, Iran in September 1976.

5. COVID-19 and 5G Network Conspiracy

The global pandemic has become an ongoing international disaster, with various variants like Delta and Omicron emerging. This severity has given rise to one of the strangest conspiracy theories in the world, suggesting that the emergence of COVID-19 is related to the upgrade of the 4G network to 5G. This theory argues that the electromagnetic waves generated by our electronic devices can weaken our immune system and make us susceptible to the Coronavirus. It was even published in an Australian journal in 2021. From this, unfounded opinions have spread, claiming that vaccines inject chips into people to monitor and control their movements.

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In conclusion, conspiracy theories always spark debates. It is important to verify their validity before jumping to conclusions and not easily succumbing to provocation.

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